WWE Spoilers: Major Names Rumored For Tonight’s Raw

The Road to Wrestlemania stops in Pittsburgh tonight, as Monday Night Raw originates live from the CONSOL Energy Center — and it looks like we’re going to have some familiar faces on-hand for the show. Possible spoilers ahead!

According to PWInsider, three major names have been spotted in Pittsburgh, and could be used on-screen for the show tonight.

1) The recently-retired Daniel Bryan has been seen in Pittsburgh, and it doesn’t really make sense to fly him in and not use him. Then again, he is married to a Diva currently involved in a potential Wrestlemania program, as Brie Bella’s feud with Lana is likely to lead to some sort of multi-diva match on the big show. So he could appear to be in Brie’s corner, or he could just simply be in town to spend time with his wife.

2) Mick Foley is also rumored to appear on the show tonight. He’s already been teasing a role of some sort at Wrestlemania, and when you consider that he’s The Undertaker’s most famous Hell In a Cell opponent, it makes sense for him to be part of the build for the Cell match between Undertaker and Shane McMahon. In the past, his presence for a promo segment has helped lend gravity to feuds in the past, such as the Edge/Undertaker rivalry of 2008. He’s also served as special referee in the Cell before, officiating the match between HHH and Kevin Nash at Bad Blood 2003. As the elder statesman of the Hell In a Cell match, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him fulfill a similar function in this build up.

3) The most surprising rumor, and the longest shot of the three, states that Kurt Angle could be in town for the show. What makes this a longshot is WWE’s noted reluctance to work with the Olympian given the nature of his departure from the company in 2006, as the terms weren’t exactly amicable, to say the least. Also muddying the waters is the fact that Pittsburgh is Angle’s hometown, so it’s not exactly surprising for him to be there. That said, Angle did reportedly meet with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio last weekend. There’s no word on what, if anything, was discussed. Hell, for all we know, they were just catching up. After all, Triple H was busy producing the WWE Experience at the show, while Angle was on-hand to be inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame. It’s anyone’s guess whether or not this goes anywhere, but getting Angle back, even if just for a Hall of Fame induction (since I’m not sure how likely he is to pass WWE’s physical), would be huge for the company.

If nothing else, the Road to Wrestlemania is in dire need of something stronger than we’ve gotten so far. Shane McMahon was a puzzling, buzzworthy get, but I feel like something bigger ought to be in the cards. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough what, if anything, is planned for the show beyond what we already know.

WWE Spoilers Major Names Rumored For Tonight's Raw

Credit: WWE

What do you think about the rumors? Are these three men you’d want to see back on WWE TV? Sound off in the comments!

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