WWE Source Reveals Original Plans For Finn Balor Before Injury

WWE star Finn Balor became the inaugural Universal Champion at Summerslam 2016 this past Sunday, but had to forfeit just 24 hours later due to injury. Now, a source within WWE has revealed to the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer just what the plans were for Balor prior to his injury.

According to the source, plans were in place for Balor to defend his title against Kevin Owens at Clash of Champions. Apparently, the finish would have led to a triple threat match: Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho. That match would have taken place at the event set for October 30 in Boston. Presumably, the Raws in the lead-up to that event would have set up the break-up of the recently-formed Jeri-KO tag team. However, nothing is revealed of who'd have won that match. I would guess Finn would keep the title, since October seems pretty early to take it off him.

WWE Source Reveals Original Plans For Finn Balor Before Injury
Source: YouTube

Clash of Champions will air live from Indianapolis, IN on September 25, so there is still plenty of time for WWE to change directions. Owens being involved in the plans going forward makes me wonder if he might win the Universal Title in the fatal four-way set for Monday Night Raw next week. Conventional wisdom would suggest WWE just goes right back to Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins for the title, since that seemed to be where they were heading for Summerslam, before Roman's suspension threw a wrench into all of that. Either way, it should be an interesting couple of weeks for WWE going forward.

What do you think about this proposed direction for Finn Balor? And what direction should they go in now that Balor is injured? Sound off in the comments!

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