WWE Smackdown Top 10 Moments for 01/14/2016 Show (VIDEO)

Last night, Smackdown was pretty momentous. We had a United States Championship rematch with a surprising finish, a major grudge match announced for the Royal Rumble, and the first tables match on Smackdown in YEARS.

But who were the big winners on last night’s show? And what were the big moments that made Smackdown worth catching in the first place? WWE has released the Top 10 Moments for this week’s Smackdown, and it’s a pretty exciting collection of highlights. If nothing else, it serves as a convenient recap for anyone who may have missed the show, and a refresher for anyone who wants to relive all the drama from Thursday night’s episode. And judging by this clip, there was plenty of drama to go around. Watch the full video below:

WWE Smackdown Top 10 Moments for 01142016 Show (VIDEO)

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