WWE Smackdown Spoilers for Tonight’s Show: AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho II

The spoilers are in for this week’s WWE Smackdown, and it looks like a pretty interesting show, particularly considering the show had a bare bones crew due to half the roster being in Germany as part of WWE’s latest world tour.

This week, AJ Styles and Chris Jericho have their long-awaited rematch, but not before working a tag team match in the opener against the Social Outcasts. Also on the show are the Dudley Boyz, explaining why they turned heel on Monday night against the Usos; Sasha Banks taking on former Team BAD partner Naomi; and The Lucha Dragons teaming with Neville to take on Stardust and The Ascension in six-man tag team action. But what else happened on the show? What can we expect from this week’s episode of Smackdown? Check out the full spoilers below via Wrestling Observer/F4WOnline:

WWE Smackdown Spoilers for 02112016 AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho II

Credit: WWE

WWE Smackdown Spoilers for 02/11/2016

Chris Jericho opened with a borderline heel promo on AJ Styles, prompting Styles to come out and confront him. The Social Outcasts crashed the party, leading to a tag team match in which Styles and Jericho defeated Adam Rose & Curtis Axel after Styles hit a flying forearm for the win. Jericho attacked Styles after the match.

The Dudleys explained their heel turn on the Usos on Monday night, stating that they didn’t come back to WWE to be a nostalgia act, but were here to add to their legacy. They then declared they would no longer be using any more tables from here on out.

In a comedy segment, R-Truth saved Goldust from choking, prompting Goldust to once again plead with Truth to be his tag team partner. Truth turned him down for a third straight week.

Sasha Banks defeated Naomi with the Bank Statement. Tamina attacked Becky Lynch, who was on commentary during the match.

The Wyatt Family cut a promo declaring they will rid WWE of “Titans and Gods,” name-dropping Kane, Big Show & Ryback in the process.

In a six-man tag team match, The Lucha Dragons & Neville beat The Ascension & Stardust.

Chris Jericho defeated A.J. Styles with the Codebreaker. The crowd was split down the middle, with fans chanting for both men. It was said to be a great match.

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