WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Date and Location Announced

It’s official: the WWE Royal Rumble 2018 is coming to the City of Brotherly Love!

The Philadelphia Inquirer has announced that Philadelphia will host the Royal Rumble 2018 on Sunday, January 28, 2018 at the Wells Fargo Center. And that’s not all, as the Wells Fargo Center will also host NXT TakeOver the night before the Rumble, in addition to Raw and Smackdown on the 29th and the 30th.

“We are very happy to continue Philadelphia’s amazing relationship with WWE by bringing Royal Rumble back to our city,” said Larry Needle, Executive Director of PHL Sports, a division of the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau. “We look to forward to working closely with WWE to build a great fan experience for all those attending from around the world.”

“WWE has enjoyed a very special relationship with the city and its fans over decades, and that important heritage made Philadelphia a very natural choice to host this unprecedented four-night celebration,” added John Saboor, WWE’s executive vice president of special events. “Our decision to place next year’s Royal Rumble celebration in Philadelphia is truly another exciting and important step in the continued growth of WWE’s four largest annual events.”

WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Date and Location Announced

Source: YouTube

As someone who lives an hour outside Philly, and whose favorite annual WWE event is the Royal Rumble, this news has pretty much made my day, especially since I missed the chance to go in 2015. Granted, bringing the show back to Philly in just three years is probably a bit excessive, but Philadelphia has always been one of WWE’s stronger cities. And hey, as long as the 2018 show isn’t as uniformly awful as the 2015 show, I think it’ll all work out in the end. With that said, I know that for a lot of fans, the actual card still matters. While the Royal Rumble is in the No. 2 slot behind Wrestlemania as far as “Shows That Can Sell Tickets On Name Value Alone”, I’m hoping the card is as stacked as the lineup this year.

But what do you think about the pick of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the Royal Rumble 2018? Sound off in the comments!

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