WWE Reportedly Split Up Alberto Del Rio and Paige Due To Social Media

Alberto Del Rio and Paige are one of the most high-profile backstage couples in WWE, with Paige going so far as to get a “Papi” tattoo on her finger. However, their relationship has also been pretty tumultuous, as they not only make reference to their love for one another on social media, they’ve also lashed out against one another through those platforms when things start to go sour.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio this week, Del Rio and Paige were drafted to separate brands in the WWE Draft last month in order for WWE to nip their relationship drama in the bud. Paige was sent to the RAW brand while Del Rio was placed on Smackdown, a move which reportedly infuriated Del Rio. Briefly after being drafted, Paige scrubbed her social media profile of all mentions of Del Rio, deleting previous posts and photos about him — only to add them all back just one week later, which created a bit of a stir online. Meltzer states that this is the reason the couple was separated, since WWE doesn’t particularly need this drama earning them negative press.

“Del Rio’s getting in trouble with that stuff,” Meltzer said of the social media drama. “Del Rio and Paige. That’s why they’re on separate brands.”

WWE Reportedly Split Up Alberto Del Rio and Paige Due To Social Media

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However, Meltzer would go on to stipulate that no one in WWE will openly admit that this is why Del Rio and Paige were separated.

With this kind of backstage politicking, it wouldn’t surprise me if Del Rio took the “out” clause that was supposedly built into his contract when he re-signed with the company last fall. Sure, he’s likely getting paid a lot of money to be there, but is it worth the headache for him? I mean, the guy seems unmotivated, as if he clearly doesn’t want to be there. Compare this to his work for the year he was gone from WWE. He had real fire in his promos and in his in-ring work with Lucha Underground and AAA, and he seemed as though he actually enjoyed wrestling again. In WWE, it’s as if he’s been going through the motions entirely. If he really loves Paige, then by all means, he should try to work things out with her. But if it’s going to be a long distance relationship anyway, he might as well be free from WWE for his own mental well-being. I guess it all depends on how much he values that WWE paycheck, and how much of this backstage turmoil is true.

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