WWE Reportedly Open To Bringing Back Hulk Hogan

After last year’s scandal surrounding his racially insensitive comments, and his more recent troubles surrounding the sex tape trial with Gawker, Hulk Hogan might finally be on his way back to WWE.

According to sources close to WWE, Vince McMahon and other top officials are considering bringing the Hulkster back, as he is now considered to be on good terms with the company. One source, in particular, expects that Hogan will be eased back into a role in the company, presumably onscreen. However, WWE is waiting until the right time to bring him back in. With WWE pulling the trigger on a new brand split, they’ll need all the stars they can get to fill up TV time, so it makes sense that they’d try bringing Hogan back, even if some sponsors might still not want to touch him.

In a way, I’m sure there are some that will never forgive Hogan for some of the racial remarks he made, yet I feel like WWE is in a mindset that he could contribute more than he could subtract from the product. It should be interesting to see if this is really the case, if the Hulkster being Gawker’s victim somehow helped everyone get over some of the things he was recorded saying in his past. For some, it still matters. For others, not so much at all.

WWE Reportedly Open To Bringing Back Hulk Hogan

Source: YouTube

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