WWE Reportedly Looking To Sign Matt Hardy After TNA Contract Expires

Could we see Broken Matt Hardy make his way to WWE?

In the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that Triple H has sent out feelers to Matt Hardy about returning to the company after his contract with TNA expires in spring 2017. However, that doesn’t mean Hardy will actually head back to WWE. For one, WWE is unlikely to give him the same creative control over his character and segments that TNA provides. In addition, there’s basically no way WWE is going to allow him to dictate his own schedule or allow him to continue to work independent dates on the side, the way TNA does. Hardy does pretty well for himself between TNA and his independent bookings, so the only real incentive to return to WWE is the promise of a bigger push than he received the last time he was there.

Even Meltzer seems leery of a potential Hardy return, noting that the “killer schedule” might not be in his best interest, from a physical standpoint. With that said, the future of TNA is in no way secure. As Meltzer writes, if TNA goes under, Hardy is “loaded with ideas for his character and he would need television to get them over.” So a WWE return might end up being his best opportunity to keep his career alive.

WWE Reportedly Looking To Sign Matt Hardy After TNA Contract Expires

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Personally, I would love to see “Broken” Matt Hardy and Brother Nero in WWE, but I feel as though WWE wouldn’t really understand why the act works. We probably wouldn’t have Reby or Senor Benjamin or even Vanguard 1, and we definitely wouldn’t get the lake on the Hardy compound that reverts you to a past gimmick. As ridiculous as it is, the Broken Hardys story really is one of the most entertaining in wrestling today, in my opinion. Hopefully, if Hardy does return to WWE, he gets some measure of creative control.

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