WWE Reportedly Inducting Rick Rude Into Hall of Fame 2017

At long last, one of the greatest heels in the history of professional wrestling is finally going into the WWE Hall of Fame, as Rick Rude is the next name to be leaked for this year’s induction ceremony.

Rude will be joining a Hall of Fame class that reportedly includes “Diamond” Dallas Page, so he’ll be in good company. Of course, since WWE is known to dislike inducting more than one posthumous honoree per year, it’s unlikely that Joanie “Chyna” Laurer will be going into the Hall of Fame this year, if the Rude leak turns out to be legit. Rude passed away in April 1999 at the age of 40 due to heart failure.

Needless to say, Rude’s Hall of Fame credentials speak for themselves. In addition to being Intercontinental champion at a time when that role was used to draw money on B-circuit house shows, “Ravishing” Rick Rude was the first WCCW world champion, in addition to reigning as United States champion and International champion in WCW. He also made history as the first man in the Monday Night War to appear on two separate programs in the same night, as he appeared as part of D-X on a taped episode of Raw, which aired concurrently with an episode of WCW Monday Nitro that featured Rude’s first appearance since his defection following the Montreal Screwjob in November 1997. Rude also had a memorable run in ECW, feuding (and allying with) “The Franchise” Shane Douglas.

WWE Reportedly Inducting Rick Rude Into Hall of Fame 2017


All in all, I think this is a terrific call, and long overdue. Rude was one of the most memorable, distinctive characters in professional wrestling in the late 80s and early 90s. As for this potentially preventing Chyna from being inducted, I’m not entirely certain WWE was going to induct her this year anyway, since I would imagine they’d want a little distance between her passing and her Hall of Fame induction. Then again, they inducted Eddie Guerrero the year he passed, but I think part of that was due to overwhelming fan sentiment, which we’re not really seeing here with Chyna.

So who else will go into the Hall of Fame this year? At the risk of making it WCW-heavy, I’d love to see Vader finally go into the Hall, mostly because he’s one of the few legends in pro wrestling to actively campaign for it. It clearly means a lot to him, and now, with word that he’s essentially on borrowed time, I’d love if they inducted him sooner rather than later. He’s every bit as deserving as Rude or Page, if not more so. So I’m really hoping he gets the chance to live to see his induction.

Of course, rumors also state that a current WWE employee is slated to go into the Hall of Fame, which makes me wonder who they could possibly be referencing. Is Lilian Garcia still on the payroll? Are they going to induct Michael Cole? Chris Jericho? It’s all just wild speculation at this point, although WWE is likely to start announcing names following the Royal Rumble. So we probably won’t have very long to wait to find out who will be in the 2017 Hall of Fame class.

What do you think about “Ravishing” Rick Rude going into the WWE Hall of Fame? Who should induct him? Who else should go into the Hall this year? Sound off in the comments!

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