WWE Reportedly In Talks To Buy TNA Wrestling

WWE is back in contention to buy one of their only mainstream competitors in the U.S. for the past decade-plus. Could this really be the end for TNA Wrestling?

The news comes from multiple sources, and while they differ on the specifics, they seem to agree that a sale to WWE isn’t particularly good news for TNA.

Dave Meltzer stated, on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, that time is running out for the company, since they not only need to find an investor to help fund Sunday’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view, they also need money to run the next set of TV tapings. However, if WWE were to purchase the company, it would primarily be for the tape library and, perhaps, a few of the talents on its roster. But WWE wouldn’t keep the brand going. In essence, a sale to WWE would mean the end for TNA on television.

With that said, Mike Johnson of PWInsider added that while Dixie Carter has had talks with WWE about a possible sale in the last five days, the sale has become increasingly complicated. No real indication of what that means, although one would presume that the complication is in the likelihood that Dixie wants to see TNA continue, whereas WWE would rather just purchase the tape library, sign a few wrestlers, and fold up shop. Of course, Johnson notes that Dixie is in a position to sell to whomever she wants, whether that’s current on-screen TNA authority figure Billy Corgan, or some other third party. Right now, there’s still a chance that the Corgan deal goes through, and TNA lives to see its next set of TV tapings. But, for now, Johnson believes “the fuse on the TNA bomb is close to the end.” So TNA’s fate will be decided in the next several days.

WWE Reportedly In Talks To Buy TNA Wrestling

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For what it’s worth, I’d like to see TNA continue, if only because competition is good for business. Granted, TNA will never score the kind of ratings or buys that WWE does, nor will they have the mainstream brand recognition. But that’s okay. You can be a solid, successful wrestling promotion without having to be the next WWE. Hell, TNA has already outlived WCW, which officially ran from 1991-2001. That kind of longevity suggests there’s still something there, with regards to the TNA product. I’d argue it’s better now than it’s been in a good five or six years, with Lashley coming across as a top level heavyweight champion, the Hardys doing some of the craziest (and best) work of their career, and former WWE guys getting the chance to reinvent themselves (guys like Galloway and Aron Rex). Basically, while there’s value in WWE getting its hands on the TNA tape library, in addition to some of their talents, I’d actually prefer to still have TNA around as a brand. So I hope the Corgan deal goes through, personally.

But what do you think? Should TNA continue with another buyer? Or would it be better for Dixie to just sell TNA to WWE and close up shop? Sound off in the comments!

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