WWE Releases Ridiculous, Holiday-Themed ‘Bad Lip Sync’ Video

WWE has released a delightfully ridiculous, holiday-themed Bad Lip Sync video, a knockoff of the popular Bad Lip Reading videos that have taken over YouTube. This particular video, however, is surprisingly hilarious.

Sure, it’s not the best written video in the world, but I think the voices are kind of amazing. Rollins being given a big, goofy doofus voice actually works shockingly well. And Dolph Ziggler declaring, in a screechy kid’s voice, “I don’t want a present!” was also far funnier than it probably had any right to be. I thought this was great, and exactly the sort of lighthearted content WWE needs to be posting on their YouTube page. You can watch the full video below:

WWE Releases Ridiculous, Holiday-Themed 'Bad Lip Sync' Video

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