WWE Planning Stephen Amell Singles Match Against Stardust

Tomorrow night is the midseason premiere of Arrow on The CW, but that’s not all that’s planned for star Stephen Amell this week, as the actor has the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in Secaucus, New Jersey this weekend. And it’s at this event that WWE is reportedly planning to rope Amell back into a major storyline.

According to PWInsider, WWE is looking to shoot an angle at the convention, set for January 23rd and 24th, between Amell and Stardust. It’s uncertain if the angle will include a physical altercation, but it’s expected that WWE cameras will be on-hand to capture the footage. Of course, with this being Royal Rumble weekend, Stardust will be cutting it pretty close if he’s going to be on the pay-per-view, since the Rumble is in Orlando, Florida on the 24th. But it shouldn’t be too hard for Cody Rhodes to show up at the convention as Stardust, and then hop a plane and get down to the Amway Center in Orlando before bell time. Or, better yet, they could just film whatever they’re going to film on the 23rd, and give Rhodes a whole day to get down to Orlando.

WWE Planning Stephen Amell Singles Match Against Stardust

Credit: WWE

This is the continuation of the angle from Summerslam 2015, in which Stardust and King Barrett were defeated by Amell and Neville in a tag team match that actually ended up being one of the strongest in-ring performances by a celebrity ever, in my opinion. WWE has wanted to set up a one-on-one program between Stardust and Amell, and this angle looks like a way to set that up. So maybe we can expect a singles match between these two at Wrestlemania in a few months? If that’s the case, I hope they start building up Stardust now, because having him get his bell rung every week by Titus O’Neil is doing him no favors.

What’s endearing about this, of course, is how much Amell has wanted to be a pro wrestler, as he spent the better part of 2015 campaigning to be featured on Monday Night Raw. The fact that he ended up winning a Slammy Award for Best Celebrity Moment for his Summerslam match makes me think Amell might have the itch to outdo himself and make it two Slammy wins in a row.

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