WWE Negotiating Hulk Hogan Return For Wrestlemania 33

Hulk Hogan finally settled things with Gawker last week, and began the process of putting a four-year lawsuit behind him. Now, The Hulkster is looking ahead to a possible WWE return, a year after the company did everything in its power to distance themselves (or is it “create separation”?) from the Hall of Famer.

Hogan’s daughter, Brooke, confirmed that WWE has been in contact the Hulkster about a possible return at Wrestlemania 33, and while I imagine both Hogan and WWE would probably prefer that Brooke had not blown up their spot, this could allow both parties to gauge public opinion to see if fans are really ready to see the former champion onscreen again.

“I’ll just say that I know people have been calling him,” Brooke told TMZ. “For WrestleMania.”

WWE Negotiating Hulk Hogan Return For Wrestlemania 33

Source: YouTube

This comes just sixteen months after Hogan was released from the company over tapes that exposed him using racist language. Since then, Hogan has gone on Good Morning America to assert he is not a racist. The court judgment against Gawker was seen as a vindication for Hogan, even if he’s only going to see a fraction of the $140.1 million the jury awarded him. Now, he’s in a position to win back his earning potential if WWE, and its fans, are open to forgiving him. Hell, there’s nothing like a comeback story in professional wrestling, whether it was the second career run for Shawn Michaels after he initially retired due to back injury in 1998, or whether it’s something more recent, like Bill Goldberg’s return to WWE twelve years after leaving.

I have no idea what Hogan would do at Wrestlemania beyond maybe having some heels run into his fists, sort of like what we got this year with Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Steve Austin. If anything, it seems like the sort of legend-glorifying skit we’re going to be seeing at Wrestlemanias from now until the end of time. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing. I guess it all depends on who the legends are. For now, only time will tell whether fans will accept Hogan again. Yeah, I know that’s vague as all hell, but these negotiations could easily fall through if it seems like fans don’t really want him back. That said, while some fans would probably argue that he should just stay home, I imagine the return pop for Hogan would be enormous, and on-par with his emotional return to Smackdown in 2002 (which resulted in a five-minute standing ovation). There’s just something about the guy that brings the nostalgia rushing back for a lot of people.

But what do you think about Hulk Hogan possibly returning to WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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