WWE Legend Vader Strikes Back Against Chael Sonnen, Says He’d ‘Spank Him’

So former UFC star Chael Sonnen ripped into WWE legend Vader recently after the former WCW champion supposedly no-showed his podcast, “You’re Welcome”. Specifically, Sonnen called Vader a thief and a scumbag, in addition to accusing him of being “drunk, illiterate, dumb, or just getting ready to set me up from the jump.”

Needless to say, Vader didn’t exactly take kindly to Sonnen’s comments, and made a point of saying as much in an interview with Hannibal TV, noting that not only did he never intend to dupe Sonnen, he has no loving idea who Sonnen even is. Transcription below via WrestlingInc:

“I had never heard of this guy. I’ve been in the business for 40 something odd years now, I’ve done podcasts. I’ve done Stone Cold’s podcast and JR’s podcast and so on and so on and so on. Obviously I’m doing this interview now, so I’m open to interviews. It’s not like I didn’t want to go on his show. He called me up and he’s like, ‘Hey I’m so and so’ and yeah, like who are you? I had no idea who this guy was. Not a clue. I had never heard of him, and maybe I should apologize for that because, according to him, he’s a big deal. I couldn’t even tell ya what state he’s from. Not only are you talking out of school, but you’re a liar, so I’m calling you a liar.”

Vader would go on to rip into Sonnen for accusing him of being drunk when they had their initial talk on the phone to set up the interview, explaining that he’s been sober for almost two decades now.

“I haven’t drank in 15 years. I quit drinking 15 years ago. I’m a big man, I could drink a lot when I drank, but it’s been 15 years. That, of all the things he called me, that’s the one thing that bothers me. If I’m tired at times because of the 100 plus concussions I’ve received over –. I started playing football at 8 years old, I remember getting concussions when I was 10 and 12, then 14 and 15 going into Jr. High and High School and College and Professional Football. You’d think all those concussions right there would be more than enough. Would be 10 times too many for a lifetime, but then add on 30 plus year of wrestling. All the chair shots and all the head shots. I think if he’s saying I slur my words at a time where I get tired — I do. I have to enunciate better and usually when I’m talking to someone on the phone, maybe I was tired and it was late.”

WWE Legend Vader Strikes Back Against Chael Sonnen, Says He'd 'Spank Him'

Source: YouTube

Vader followed this up by essentially calling Sonnen out, declaring that he could not only take Sonnen in a fight, but probably whoop him pretty handily.

“It’s no secret I’m having some health problems. But I’ll leave it at that. I’m 6’4″ barefoot, I’m 365 pounds, I can still bench press over 450, and if this kid, this little boy — I would actually take it a step further and say that I would break a long standing rule that I’ve had that I don’t pick on little people. Maybe a dinosaur is appropriate, but some of the other things like ‘dumb’. I may slur my words from time to time from the concussions and all the hits to the head but I got a degree from the 16th ranked business school in the country, University Of Colorado. If this guy wants to come to a Boulder, Colorado I have a ring and we can get in it and see if he can beat me up. Because I would shove his head so far up his you know what and send him back home. That little boy would get spanked, I’d turn him over my knee and spank him. And that’s the bottom line. So Kell you heard me, come on down to Boulder. It’s 7,000 feet you’ll enjoy the altitude.”

Honestly, I could see an MMA organization perhaps trying to set up Vader vs. Sonnen as a freakshow fight along the lines of Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000, although I’m not sure it’s a great idea, considering Vader’s aforementioned health problems and Sonnen’s current contract with Bellator. Also, I’d like to think these two could work it out without having to come to blows. Then again, it’d probably be just as easy for these two to just let this thing go. Vader didn’t go on your podcast, big deal. Sonnen said some harsh things about you, who cares? It doesn’t really benefit either guy to keep this beef going, if it even really counts as a proper beef at all. Here’s hoping this doesn’t escalate, and cooler heads prevail.

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