WWE Legend Ric Flair Doesn’t Believe PEDs Made Brock Lesnar Better

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has offered his opinions on the Brock Lesnar doping scandal, discussing the controversy on the third episode of The Ric Flair Show podcast. As it turns out, Flair doesn’t believe performance-enhancing drugs necessarily made Lesnar better. In fact, Flair states that he doesn’t think PEDs make you any more of a star than you were already. For all intents and purposes, either you’ve got that star quality or you don’t.

By way of example, Flair refers to Lesnar’s fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200. He notes that even if Lesnar hadn’t been taking PEDs, Hunt still wouldn’t have won that fight, because Brock was so dominant. That dominance is attributed, at least in Flair’s view, to Lesnar’s overall skill in wrestling and mixed martial arts, rather than any sort of enhancement he received from whatever it was he was taking. In Flair’s own words (and big ups to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription):

WWE Legend Ric Flair Doesn't Believe PEDs Made Brock Lesnar Better

Source: YouTube

After watching that [fight at UFC 200], I don’t care what anybody was on. Brock Lesnar dominated [Mark Hunt]. It’s like people talking about PEDs with baseball players, right? I promise you, they do not help hand/eye coordination. If you hit the ball, it might go farther, but there’s nothing you can put in the needle and inject in your body that’s going to make your hand/eye coordination [better]. I could take steroids for 150 years and not hit a 100 mile [an hour] fastball.

If anything, over the years, PEDs were used for appearance sakes and God knows I have some huge cosmetic issues. I should have been on it forever. But I can tell you this: this in no way, shape, or form makes Brock Lesnar a star. Does that make sense? I mean, he’s a huge, huge player there.

While I can see where Flair is coming from, I think it’s kind of a weird stance to take to basically imply that Lesnar’s natural ability somehow makes it okay for him to use PEDs. Perhaps that isn’t really the impression Flair intended, but that’s how it comes across to me, anyway. Sure, Lesnar is a great amateur wrestler, and he has a natural charisma that you can’t really teach. And all of those elements have factored into making him a huge star in both MMA and pro wrestling. But no matter how much natural ability Lesnar possesses, he still shouldn’t have been taking banned substances. And WWE really shouldn’t be exempting him from the Wellness Policy either, if only for the kind of message that sends to the full-time talent about how much more valued part-timers are. It’s just a lousy situation all-around.

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