WWE Legend Jimmy Snuka Ruled Incompetent to Stand Trial For Ex-Girlfriend’s Murder

Looks like Hulk Hogan isn’t the only WWE Hall of Famer getting familiar with the inside of a courtroom. WWE legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka has been ruled incompetent to stand trial on murder and manslaughter charges in the May 1983 death of his then-girlfriend, Nancy Argentino.

The ruling comes after a four-day hearing which culminated in Lehigh County Judge Kelly Banach stating that she didn’t believe Snuka was faking last month when he showed signs of confusion and disorientation during his testimony before the court. Apparently, when questioned by Banach, Snuka was not only unable to remember his age or the current year, he couldn’t recall the name of his own lawyer, nor could he remember the name of the current President of the United States.

Granted, although Snuka is unfit to stand trial, he’s not exactly off the hook. Snuka entered a plea of not guilty in the death of Argentino, and arrangements were made to re-evaluate his mental health once again in six months, presumably to see if he’s at all consistent in his apparent dementia, since the prosecution is maintaining that Snuka is faking. On the one hand, plenty of wrestlers develop brain trauma as a result of long in-ring careers, and the 73-year-old Snuka was at his height during a time where wrestlers took drugs, worked through injuries, and indulged in the partying lifestyle. On the other hand, Snuka’s career involved faking injuries (well, “selling”), so it’s not beyond the real of possibility that this is all an act. But Judge Banach doesn’t believe this to be the case.

“I don’t believe he’s faking it,” Banach said, adding that she didn’t believe Snuka was smart enough to do so. With that said, Banach did lament the lack of closure, both for the state and for Argentino’s loved ones.

“Unfortunately justice suffers when it’s delayed,” Banach said. “Justice suffers after 30 years because everything decays.”

WWE Legend Jimmy Snuka Ruled Incompetent to Stand Trial For Ex-Girlfriend's Murder

Screengrab (Credit: WWE)

It’s hard to know whether justice will ever be served, considering it’s been 33 years since Argentino’s death. For his part, Snuka has mostly stuck to the story that he returned to the Whitehall Township hotel room he’d been sharing with Argentino following a World Wrestling Federation TV taping at the Allentown Fairgrounds, only to find her unresponsive in their bed. But the eventual autopsy showed signs of brain trauma, in addition to countless bruises and cuts. So this probably wasn’t some tragic accident. I certainly hope, for the sake of Argentino’s family, at least, that justice is served.

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