WWE Lands New TV Deal In Germany

Last week, news broke that WWE had lost its TV deal in Germany, essentially leaving them without an outlet in the country once its deals expire in March 2017. However, WWE has already secured its future, announcing a new TV deal in Germany.

Raw and Smackdown will air on ProSieben MAXX beginning in April 2017, marking the first time both flagship WWE shows have aired on the same “free-to-air” network in Germany, according to the press release.

“We are proud that we were able to secure this deal for Pro Sieben MAXX,” said 7Sports CEO Zeliko Karajica in a statement. “This gives us the opportunity to extend our WWE coverage and make sports entertainment even more popular in Germany.”

WWE Lands New TV Deal In Germany

Source: YouTube

“ProSieben MAXX share our vision and passion for engaging and entertaining WWE fans,” added WWE Executive Vice President of International Ed Wells. “This partnership creates our primary destination in ProSieben MAXX for fans to enjoy our unique blend of action-packed family entertainment.”

As part of the deal, ProSieben MAXX will help market a series of WWE house shows in Germany, taking place on November 2nd in Frankfort, November 3rd in Munich, November 8th in Oberhausen, and November 9th in Berlin.

This is a great deal on WWE’s part, if only because they manage to maintain a television presence in a lucrative overseas market. Granted, the 500,000 or so viewers that each respective show brings in doesn’t sound like much by American standards, but it’s a pretty solid number for a network like ProSieben MAXX. So this ought to be a mutually beneficial deal for both companies, as WWE looks to grow its presence in Germany.

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