WWE Hall of Famer Sting Holding Out Hope For Undertaker Match At Wrestlemania

WWE Hall of Famer Sting is exactly one year removed from having his career ended at WWE Night of Champions 2015, as a turnbuckle powerbomb from Seth Rollins led to a neck injury that signaled the end of his in-ring career. However, despite being told by doctors that he needs to have surgery, Sting is holding off on the hopes of finally having that Wrestlemania dream match against The Undertaker.

In an interview on WWE Network’s Legends With JBL, The Hall of Famer stated he feels “normal” now, and adds that he’s reconsidering having surgery at all, just in case the dream match is a possibility.

“I am supposed to have surgery, but I’m having so many mixed messages out there. And the one thing I keep hearing is ‘if you’re not having side effects and you’re okay, then don’t do it.'”

Sting would go on to state that he feels a match with The Undertaker would be something fans would want to see.

“Yeah, that’s the unfinished business. I’ve always wanted to have that match. I know wrestling fans have always wanted to see it too.”

WWE Hall of Famer Sting Holding Out Hope For Undertaker Match At Wrestlemania

Source: YouTube

Granted, I’m not sure he’s wrong, exactly. I imagine a great number of fans would want to see that match, even though WWE has somewhat lessened Sting’s aura by having him lose in his only two pay-per-view matches (although, hey, he did win twice on Raw, so that counts for something, I guess. Get that nice 2-2 record). Still, I don’t know how good an idea it is to hold off on surgery, no matter what dream match is potentially waiting in the wings. And frankly, I’m not sure anyone is begging for that much to such an extent that Sting should risk his health like that just to see it through. Nor could I imagine WWE taking the liability risk by allowing it to happen. But stranger things have happened, I suppose. But, personally, I’d rather see Sting continue to feel “normal” than risk further damage in the ring.

But what do you think? Would you want to see Sting vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania? Sound off in the comments!

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