WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall Calls Former Colleague Vader a ‘Bitter Old Timer’

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall worked alongside Vader in WWE back in 1996. In fact, his match with Vader at In Your House: Good Friends, Better Enemies Hall’s final pay-per-view match with the company until the end of the Monday Night War. Hall is retired now, but he’s no less outspoken than he was during his heyday.

Vader has been embroiled in a feud with indy star Will Ospreay on Twitter, stemming from Vader disliking Ospreay’s overly theatrical, acrobatic style. The feud has built to a point where the two are now scheduled to go one-on-one at Revolution Pro Wrestling’s Uprising 2016 event on August 12. Needless to say, Hall thinks it’s ridiculous that the 61-year-old Vader is able to get paid just by starting a commotion on Twitter.

While I respect the hell out of Hall, I think he’s underestimating the value of Twitter as platform for career advancement. I don’t think Vader necessarily intended to build this Ospreay thing into a match, but I guess you never really know. Maybe this was the plan all-along.

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall Calls Former Colleague Vader a 'Bitter Old Timer'

Source: YouTube

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