WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross Is Not Dead, Just Hacked

The reports of the death of Jim Ross have been greatly exaggerated.

Over the weekend, rumors circulated online that the WWE Hall of Famer had passed away. It all started when a tweet was sent out from JR’s official Twitter account, stating that the former WWE announcer had passed away. However, Ross is very much alive: as it turns out, his account had been hacked by a Leeds United fan. Why? No one knows, other than the usual explanation (i.e., it’s the internet. People just do this sort of thing). Apparently, the hacker posted several pro-Leeds tweets before he ended up getting Ross’s account suspended. Ross’s Twitter is currently still offline, depriving us of insights into WWE booking, football, and BBQ sauce.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross Is Not Dead, Just Hacked

Credit: WWE

In all seriousness, I’m genuinely relieved that this was all a hoax, even though it’s a pretty cruel hoax to play. Between Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes, and Nick Bockwinkel, I’m not sure I could take losing another idol of my wrestling youth. Stay well, JR!

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