WWE Forbids Albert Del Rio To Lose AAA Championship

So, prior to his big return at WWE Hell In a Cell a few weeks back, Alberto Del Rio struck a deal with WWE while simultaneously working for Mexican promotion AAA. Del Rio competed as AAA’s world champion, which made things all the more complicated when he showed up on WWE television and won the U.S. championship from John Cena. There were questions swirling in the industry over whether or not WWE would allow Del Rio to finish up his commitments for AAA, and put one of their stars over in the ring. Well, now we have our answer, and it’s an emphatic “no”, as WWE has reportedly forbidden Alberto Del Rio from losing the AAA championship.

The news was revealed by AAA’s executive vice president, Dorian Roldan, who talked about Del Rio’s departure on the most recent episode of Busted Open Radio. In the interview, he confirmed that Del Rio would no longer work any dates for AAA, because WWE has refused to allow him to appear on any of their shows. Basically, WWE isn’t about to let Del Rio be seen losing the AAA title. So AAA has stripped Del Rio of the title and will now hold a tournament to crown a new champion. The irony, of course, is that the injury of WWE champion Seth Rollins has led WWE to do the same thing. Hell, it gets downright ridiculous when you consider that TNA is also having a world title tournament on their TV as we speak. It’s vacant world titles all over the place!

WWE Forbids Albert Del Rio To Lose AAA Championship

Credit: AAA

Ultimately, Roidan does wish Del Rio luck in his future, which shows a lot more understanding than many old school promoters would have shown in similar situations.

So the tradition in wrestling has been to give notice when you’re leaving a promotion in order to give the promoter time to groom a replacement. And if you’re a champion, that grace period allows the promoter to find a new guy to beat you for that belt, so that the lineage of the championship remains intact, and so your new employer can’t go around saying he signed the rightful champion of a rival organization. I suppose all this is just a long-winded way of saying that, in the case of Alberto Del Rio, it appears the old way of doing things is out the window. Say what you will about the pull of a lucrative, big money offer from WWE, and how the company likely owed it to him, considering the manner in which he departed from the company last summer (i.e., getting released after slapping a racist employee backstage). But even while he did business the right way for his own interests, Del Rio ultimately failed to do business the right way for tradition.

Overall, I do wonder if this incident will hurt his post-WWE booking. Then again, I also wonder if he even intends to keep doing this once his WWE tenure inevitably ends, since he’s already fast approaching 40. But hey, ADR appears to be in good shape, so I imagine he could easily keep doing this for another ten years if he works on a limited schedule. If nothing else, continuing to wrestle long after you should have retired is one way to keep with tradition, for better or worse.

Alberto Del Rio stripped of AAA championship

Credit: WWE

But what do you think of WWE’s ruling? Are they being unfair or just protecting their investment? Sound off in the comments!

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