WWE Edits Fan Reaction of Roman Reigns Losing

WWE has been notorious about doing everything in its power to present Roman Reigns as the No. 1 star of the company, even while fans openly reject him. Hell, he’s the first babyface to ever be voted PWI’s Most Hated Wrestler of the Year. But that isn’t stopping WWE, as the company is now editing fan reactions.

The company edited one fan’s reaction to Roman Reigns losing the United States Championship on RAW from last week. Originally, when Jericho won the title, a fan began to celebrate. However, in the video package recapping the match on last night’s RAW, the image was changed to show that same fan reacting with disappointed shock to Roman’s loss.

The fan himself, a man named Eugene Oubliette, responded on Twitter. “That’s me,” Oubliette stated. “Really can’t believe they were that blatant. Ah well, I look silly on camera two different ways.”

WWE Edits Fan Reaction of Roman Reigns Losing

Source: YouTube

However, he seemed to mostly take it in good humor.

“I’m convinced that next week they’ll add some CGI to show me doing a beer spit-take.”

Ah well, at least the company isn’t catching crazy heat over this, although hopefully, it doesn’t become the norm. Sure, the fine print says that if you attend a WWE show, you’re agreeing to allow the company to use your likeness however they see fit in such things as video packages and reairings. But it’s not a great look for WWE to try and pretend that people feel differently about Reigns than they do.

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