WWE Diva Layla El Retires

It’s the end of the WWE career of Layla El.

Layla has officially retired from her role as a WWE Diva, effective immediately.

“I feel like deciding to retire from the ring has been a hard decision to make because I’m passionate and I love performing,” Layla said. “But sometimes you just need to step out and take a risk and move onto the next phase in life.”

Layla had been the longest-tenured Diva on the main roster, having been with the company since winning the WWE Diva Search competition in 2006. She would go on to become the first Diva Search winner to win the WWE Women’s Championship, accomplishing that feat in 2010 with a victory over Beth Phoenix (granted, it was a handicap match, as she had help from partner Michelle McCool. But hey, the win still counted). Layla also won the WWE Divas Championship in 2012.

WWE Diva Layla El Retires

Credit: WWE

“I am proud that I did make it in the ring and I can truly walk away saying, ‘I’m a good wrestler,’” Layla added. “I did really well and I was able to break through the negative and definitely prove people wrong.”

She hasn’t been on TV in a long time, so I can’t say this is terribly surprising. But I can say she will be missed. She was tremendously entertaining in every role she’s had, particularly as part of LayCool. Hopefully, she can come back for a guest spot, here or there. But either way, here’s to Layla remaining happy and healthy in her post-wrestling career.

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