WWE Developmental Star Injured at NXT Live Event (VIDEO)

WWE was live in Jacksonville, FL for an NXT live event, but one of the matches featured a pretty scary moment, as developmental talent Riddick Moss was rendered unconscious after a triple suplex spot.

In the video below, filmed by WrestlingInc’s Travis Akers, you can see Moss go unconscious following the triple suplex during the six-man tag match that featured Moss teaming with NXT tag team champions Dash & Dawson to take on Sami Zayn, Enzo & Cass. After Moss is rendered unconscious, the referee gives the “X” signal, indicating a legit injury. Paramedics helped Riddick to the back once he regained consciousness. All in all, it looked like a pretty scary moment for everyone involved, particularly since the suplex seemed like such a standard spot. Watch the video below:

WWE Developmental Star Injured at NXT Live Event (VIDEO)

Credit: NXT

It looks like Enzo Amore’s elbow may have hit him on the way down, which might have led to Moss getting knocked out, although it’s hard to tell. Thankfully, it appears Moss is okay now. Granted, that’s mostly based off of the “no news is good news” principle. Either way, we wish a speedy recovery to Riddick Moss.

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