WWE Cutting Back On Pay-Per-Views Due To Subscription Decline

WWE added a bunch of new pay-per-views in 2016 due to the return of the brand split. Beginning in September, the company put its “two pay-per-views per month” plan into action, with both Raw and Smackdown getting separate events each month, save for months with dual-brand shows like the upcoming Survivor Series. However, this hasn’t exactly been working out for WWE, as there has been a decline in WWE Network subscriptions since the plan was implemented.

As a result, WWE officials are looking into cutting back on pay-per-views in the coming year, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Nothing is set in stone, but a reduction in the number of pay-per-views makes sense, considering money from an increase in Network subscriptions were likely intended to offset the cost of the increased number of live pay-per-views every month. Hell, the fact that the Network has essentially killed WWE’s traditional pay-per-view revenue streams, subscriptions are all the more vital to makimg dual monthly pay-per-views profitable.

WWE Cutting Back On Pay-Per-Views Due To Subscription Decline

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Of course, with Roadblock and TLC already confirmed for December, it looks like WWE will be closing out the year with two pay-per-views per month. But hopefully, WWE is able to phase out all these extra events sooner rather than later, for their own good. I enjoy the pay-per-views, for the most part, but it’s oversaturation, at this point.

But what do you think of WWE planning to reduce the number of pay-per-views in 2017? Sound off in the comments!

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