WWE Comes To Terms on Release of Cody Rhodes

When news broke this weekend that Cody Rhodes had requested his release from WWE, it was only a matter of time until the release became official. And, sure enough, WWE has confirmed the news on Twitter: Cody Rhodes has been granted his release from the company.

It all started when Cody made the surprising announcement on Twitter that his decade-long WWE career was coming to an end. “The past ten years have been quite the trek, but as of earlier today I have asked for my release from WWE,” Cody wrote. “I’ll speak further on the matter shortly. Thank you to all the pro-wrestling/sports entertainment fans worldwide. Thank you.” And now, WWE has followed up his request with this announcement:

No word on if his wife, announcer Eden Stiles, is going to be sticking around much longer, or if she’ll be following him out of WWE. Eden has talent, so I’d love to see her stick around. And nothing about Cody’s announcement indicates that Eden won’t still be a figure on WWE programming in the future. I guess we’ll see.

WWE Comes To Terms on Release of Cody Rhodes

Credit: WWE

Ultimately, it’s a bit of a sad day for wrestling, in my opinion. Sure, the Stardust gimmick didn’t get over at a top level, but Cody Rhodes was one of the best young talents of his generation. With that said, at age 30, he’s still got a lot of life ahead of him to pursue other interests. Hell, he was one of WWE’s best actors (no, seriously), so maybe he’s not done with showbiz just yet. Either way, I think he might go down as one of the bigger “What ifs” in WWE history. He had everything the company traditionally looks for in a superstar, from the looks and in-ring ability to the promo skills and family lineage. It’s actually kind of baffling to me that he was never pushed to the main event. Hopefully, Cody finds happiness and success doing whatever he pursues next.

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