WWE Champion Dean Ambrose Reportedly Catches Heat for Podcast Comments

WWE Champion Dean Ambrose might be in hot water following his appearance on the Stone Cold Podcast with Steve Austin.

According to sources for the Wrestling Observer, Ambrose is catching backstage heat for criticizing the creative team during the podcast. Apparently, criticizing the creative team was interpreted as criticizing the people in charge, namely Vince McMahon and Triple H. In addition, WWE officials weren’t happy about Ambrose calling out Brock Lesnar for not wanting to do anything special for their match at Wrestlemania 32. Basically, Ambrose’s comments could be construed as criticizing Lesnar for laziness or lack of creativity.

While it seems clear Ambrose tried like hell, his match with Brock really wasn’t memorable, and if it really was because Brock didn’t want to do anything too crazy (in a match that was all but promised to be an insane, violent brawl in the build-up), then I don’t think Ambrose is too far out of line to mention it. Granted, in fairness to Brock, this would have been around the time where he was first starting to make the deal to appear at UFC 200. So he probably didn’t want to do anything that could compromise his being able to fight on that show. Simply having the match against Ambrose fulfilled the contract. I seriously doubt there’s anything in his contract that says he has to go all-out.

WWE Champion Dean Ambrose Reportedly Catches Heat for Podcast Comments

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Still, Ambrose can be a bit of a loose cannon, and this podcast was the first time we got to really see how he’d handle himself as the face of the company in public interviews. If he’s already catching heat this early into his reign, I’m not sure it bodes well for him. Of course, Ambrose is popular, and fan support could keep him on top longer than he otherwise might have been. Sure, Ambrose was viewed as a backup guy to receive the title, but he’s really made the most of his reign so far. And, really, it’s refreshing to have a top star who isn’t so polished on interviews, and who speaks his mind without any real thought to who it might anger backstage. WWE needs superstars who are willing to say what they mean, provided it doesn’t hurt the company. And fair criticism doesn’t really hurt WWE — at least not like pretending there’s nothing to criticize in the first place does.

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