WWE Champion AJ Styles Robbed In Arkansas

WWE Champion AJ Styles ran into some trouble during a tour stop Monday night at Arkansas State University.

Styles was robbed at the Convocation Center, where WWE was putting on a show. While it wasn’t a violent robbery, occurring while Styles was performing, the thief stole roughly $1,000 in American cash and $7,000 in Japanese yen, in addition to personal effects including “an iPhone, a set of Beats headphones, a small screen TV, an Xbox 360, and six Xbox 360 games,” according to the official report. Currently, the case remains under investigation.

WWE Champion AJ Styles Robbed In Arkansas

Source: YouTube

Hopefully, someone manages to catch the thief so Styles can lay the Smackdown on him personally. Sure, justice doesn’t work that way, but damn. You have to have brass balls to steal from The Face That Runs The Place. All the best to Styles during this lousy situation.

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