WWE Announces United Kingdom Championship, Signs Nigel McGuinness (VIDEO)

WWE has a lot of titles already, but they’ll be adding one more to the lineup: the United Kingdom Championship. And Triple H was on-hand to reveal all the details in a special press conference.

The press conference, held at the O2 Arena in London, featured the announcement that WWE will crown its first-ever United Kingdom Champion in a tournament this January. The tournament will be a 16-competitor, two-day affair at Blackpool’s Empress Ballroom, featuring talent from the British independent wrestling scene. In addition, WWE has signed British wrestling legend Nigel McGuinness, who is generally regarded as one of the best wrestlers to never compete in WWE, to serve as co-host for the tournament alongside NXT general manager William Regal. Unfortunately, McGuinness had to retire due to injuries, but this is the next best thing, really. McGuinness is a damn fine commentator, and he could potentially transition into a role as a trainer in the Performance Center. So this could be good for the company as well as McGuinness.

The tournament will air live on January 14th and January 15th on WWE Network, with the belt being awarded to the winner. And it’s a pretty handsome belt, although I’m not sure why it needed to be in the same shape and outline of the main WWE championships. Variety can be a good thing. I mean, the US and Intercontinental titles are still gorgeous belts, and they don’t have the WWE Championship shape to them like the Universal and Women’s belts have. But I digress. You can check out the belt and learn which 18 wrestlers will be competing in the tournament below:

WWE Announces United Kingdom Championship, Signs Nigel McGuinness (VIDEO)


Wrestlers Signed For UK Show

Trent Seven
Pete Dunne
Tyler Bate
Tyson T-Bone
Jordan Devlin
Roy Johnson
Joseph Conners
HC Dyer
Jack Starz
Sam Gradwell
James Drake
Dan Moloney
Chris Tyler
Saxon Huxley
Ringo Ryan
Tiger Ali

It’s unsure which sixteen of these 18 performers will compete in the tournament, although I’m more curious about why none of WWE’s current roster talent will be competing. Guys like Neville and Jack Gallagher would fit right in. Hell, especially Neville, who is being completely wasted on the main roster right now.

But then, this all seems like a largely knee-jerk, reactionary response to ITV’s World of Sport wrestling program. WWE is pretty spooked by competition of any kind whatsoever, and considering ITV wanted its British stars under exclusive deals, WWE had to move quickly to lock some of these guys down. Word is that these wrestlers will still be able to work independent dates, although we’re not sure if that includes promotions that air on television, PPV or video on-demand services. Hopefully, WWE realizes that it doesn’t really benefit them to kill off the British indie scene like they did the territories back in the 80s. Competition really is best for business.

But what do you think about the United Kingdom Championship tournament, and the signing of Nigel McGuinness? Sound off in the comments!

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