WWE Announces First-Ever ‘Iron Woman Match’ for NXT Takeover

Over the past two months, WWE has been promoting a Divas Revolution on its main roster shows, as there has been an increased focus on women’s wrestling, and on turning the division into something other than the segment where audience members get up to go buy nachos. And yet, it’s WWE’s developmental league, NXT, where the real “revolution” appears to be happening, as the women are not only getting the chance to show off their wrestling skills — they’re getting to do it in the main event!

It has been officially announced that NXT Women’s Champion Bayley will defend her title against former champion Sasha Banks in the first-ever IronWoman match in the main event of the NXT Takeover special on October 7th at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. This is a rematch from their from their confrontation last month at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, a match that many consider to be one of the best women’s matches in WWE history, and a Match of the Year contender.

WWE Announces First-Ever 'Iron Woman Match' for NXT Takeover

Credit: WWE

An Iron Man match is a contest in which the competitor to score the most falls (pinfall, submission, countout or disqualification) within a set time limit wins. For men, the Iron Man match limit is 60 minutes. However, for Bayley and Sasha’s NXT main event, the time limit will be 30 minutes. Regardless of the shorter match time, this is still an historic announcement for the women’s division, since this will officially be the longest women’s match in WWE history, to say nothing of the first all-female main event. And, honestly, it couldn’t come sooner. For a lot of critics, this “revolution” on the main WWE roster hasn’t really been working out, due in large part to the ineptitude of the writers for the main roster shows, as the scripts seem to focus on beating us over the head with this “revolution” branding, instead of just letting the women go out there and prove why they deserve the spotlight by showing their talents in the ring. By allowing Bayley and Sasha to steal the show in the main event, NXT proves its vastly smarter, more sport-focused mentality, setting itself apart from the WWE main roster in a big way. I can’t wait.

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