WWE Announcer Mauro Ranallo Shoots Down Exit Rumors: ‘Stop Reporting This BS!’

WWE announcer Mauro Ranallo has been the subject of rumors all weekend over his contract status, since it’s been reported by various outlets that the Smackdown Live star is on his way out. However, Mauro insists he’s not going anywhere.

In a series of tweets, Mauro shot down all rumors of a WWE exit, contradicting reports that his contract is coming up. All things considered, this is pretty great news for anyone who’s a fan of good commentary on Smackdown, since the alternative is being stuck with a three-man booth of Tom Phillips, JBL and David Otunga (Granted, Phillips is decent, at least when he’s allowed to talk on shows like NXT, but I’m not sure I could stomach two hours of JBL and Otunga bickering on commentary without Mauro to cut the awkwardness with his play-by-play). You can check out the tweets below:

WWE Announcer Mauro Ranallo Shoots Down Exit Rumors: 'Stop Reporting This BS!'

Source: YouTube

I hope Mauro gets bumped up to Raw at some point in the future, since I think Michael Cole has always been better as a Smackdown announcer. I’m not sure why, although I would think it’s because Vince McMahon doesn’t obsessively overproduce that show like he does Raw. But that’s just my guess. Either way, I really enjoy Mauro’s work. Sure, he goes overboard sometimes, but I still think he’s the best play-by-play man in the company right now, so I’m glad he’s sticking around.

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