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Woman Receives Adorable Puppy as Present — Pure Joy! (VIDEO)

What happens when a cheerful lady receives an adorable puppy? Pure joy!

Debbie, the woman in this video, is someone who seems like an absolute delight to be around, even without getting a wonderful present from the kids. Apparently, Debbie’s kids threw her a surprise housewarming party, and decided to build to the big surprise puppy by giving her a series of smaller gifts to lull her into thinking they hadn’t gone all-out. But when Debbie receives her last gift, we see the type of joyful moment we don’t normally see outside of Christmas morning. I couldn’t help but smile like a goof the whole time. I swear, happiness is contagious! Watch the video below:

Woman Receives Adorable Puppy as Present -- Pure Joy! (VIDEO)

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