Will Smith is Deadshot in First Look ‘Suicide Squad’ Set Photos

Suicide Squad is coming, and we’re beginning to get our first look at some of the characters that will topline the film. First, it was Jared Leto as The Joker. And now? It’s Will Smith as Deadshot.

Set photos have revealed Smith on the set of the movie as the hired assassin and expert marksman Floyd Lawton, the man who would be better known as the Batman villain Deadshot. Smith has his head shaved bald and his beard grown out, providing a look that seems straight out of the old West. Honestly, considering how bad it was back in 1998, I wouldn’t mind if this were Smith’s attempt at a Wild Wild West do-over. You know, as long as we leave the giant mechanical spiders behind this time. Check out Smith as Deadshot below:

Will Smith is Deadshot in First Look 'Suicide Squad' Set Photos

Credit: S Fernandez/Splash News

For the rest of the photos, head on over to The Daily Mail. And let us know what you think of Smith’s new look in the comments.

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