Why Wasn’t the Honda Del Sol Successful? (VIDEO)

Regular Car Reviews returns with a new episode, and this one is a treat: the guys somehow managed to find a stock Honda Del Sol. In fact, looking over their history, this might be the rarest car these guys have done.

But this review asks the question: Why didn’t the Honda Del Sol sell as well as the CRX? It’s a daunting question, considering that Mr. Regular seems to believe it’s better-made than the CRX, noting that the interior trim pieces “don’t feel chintzy like dollar store squirt guns.” And that makes sense, since the Honda Del Sol was supposed to inherit the Honda market share from the second-gen CRX. Unfortunately, it never really picked up stateside, which resulted in this car becoming a rarity despite the Del Sol outclassing its predecessor in looks and driveability. It’s another fun video that’s worth checking out! Watch the full episode below:

Why Wasn't the Honda Del Sol as Successful as the CRX (VIDEO)

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