Why Was The Ford Edsel One of History’s Biggest Car Flops? (VIDEO)

Mr. Regular is off for the week on Regular Car Reviews, so The Roman is taking over to do a video of his own focusing on the rise and fall of the Ford Edsel, one of the biggest car flops in automotive history.

In a sense, it’s a story of automotive hubris, as Ford did a poor job of managing expectations for a car that wasn’t nearly as impressive as its advertising would suggest. But it’s also a farce about how corporations tend to overthink things, judging by the increasingly ridiculous story of how difficult it was for Ford to come up with a name for this thing. It really is a fascinating little story, especially considering how many different things had to go wrong for a car with this level of corporate backing to fail. Yet the Edsel was still a massive flop. So why did it tank as badly as it did, despite not even being that bad of a car? Watch the video below to find out:

Why Was The Ford Edsel One of History's Biggest Car Flops (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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