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Who Was The Worst ‘Bachelor’ Ever? Let the Countdown Begin! (VIDEO)

WatchMojo is the internet’s premiere countdown series, and a recent video tackled The Bachelor franchise by ranking the Top 10 worst Bachelors to ever grace the franchise.

And you know what? I can’t say I’m surprised by some of the people ranked on this list. The video, from WatchMojo spinoff Ms. Mojo, calls out everyone from Charlie O’Connell to Brad Womack. But the No. 1 choice is likely to be controversial. Not because he was a well-loved Bachelor, but because there are likely men who were at least as hated, if not more so, than he was during his season. Then again, my inability to think of a better No. 1 than the Bachelor they chose pretty much tells me they got it right. Watch the video below:

Who Was The Worst 'Bachelor' Ever (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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