What’s On TV Tonight? – ‘Teen Wolf’, ‘Scream Queens’, ‘The Flash’ on Tuesday

Teen Wolf is all-new on a packed night of television! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the TV listings for Tuesday 11/29/2016:

8:00 PM ET

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – The reindeer with the incandescent nose guides Santa’s sleigh through a bad storm on Christmas Eve. Based on the song by Johnny Marks. (CBS)

The Voice [LIVE] (“Live Top 10 Eliminations”) – Votes determine who advances to the semifinals. (NBC)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (“Skyfire Cycle”) – When a famous author receives death threats, Jake and Terry take the case so Terry can meet his lifelong hero; Gina wants to choose the location of the annual Boyle family vacation; Amy gets in the middle of a fight between Capt. Holt and Kevin. (FOX)

The Flash (“Invasion!”) – Barry asks Green Arrow for help when aliens attack Central City, but when they realize that won’t be enough, they track down the Legends of Tomorrow so they can bring Supergirl in on the battle. (The CW)

Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? [SEASON FINALE] (“What Happens in Vegas…”) – Ben and Lauren’s friends throw bachelor and bachelorette parties for the duo in Las Vegas, unaware of the troubles in the couple’s relationship. (Freeform)

WWE SmackDown Live! [LIVE] – Countdown to Tables, Ladders, and Chairs PPV where AJ Styles defends his title against Dean Ambrose. (USA Network)

The Middle (“Look Who’s Not Talking”) – Frankie finds a discount store that sells oddly shaped produce; Axl refuses to talk to Frankie after learning how she feels about April; Brick’s new tick lands him in detention; Brad visits Sue at college. (ABC)

8:30 PM ET

New Girl (“James Wonder”) – Jess needs to impress the president of the Parents’ Council to land the principal job; Winston puts his undercover skills to the test; Nick struggles to come up with the perfect wedding gift for Schmidt and Cece. (FOX)

American Housewife (“Power Couple”) – When Katie and Greg learn Anna-Kat’s special needs teacher was cut from the school budget, they throw themselves into PTA politics. (ABC)

What's On TV Tonight? - 'Teen Wolf', 'Scream Queens', 'The Flash' on Tuesday

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9:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: Teen Wolf (“Sundowning”) – Scott, Lydia and Malia search for Stiles; Liam and the others throw a party in order to keep a friend safe from the Ghost Riders. (MTV)

Scream Queens (“The Hand”) – Dean Munsch suggests a risky surgery to Dr. Holt in an effort to get press for the hospital; Chanel No. 3 makes Cassidy take a psych test; Nurse Hoffel initiates a devious scheme. (FOX)

Dance Moms [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Fight for Your Life”) – After an eight week break, Abby reaches out to the Junior Elite mothers and asks them to come to the ALDC to hear an announcement. (Lifetime)

This Is Us (“The Trip”) – Kate, Kevin and Randall head to their family’s cabin after a chaotic Thanksgiving; angry Randall looks to Jack for comfort and an explanation; Olivia’s words drive a wedge between Kate and Kevin. (NBC)

Fresh Off the Boat (“WWJD: What Would Jessica Do?”) – Jessica is surprised when Evan decides to go to church on Sunday; Louis is treated to a free teeth-whitening session; Eddie and Emery find ways to eliminate the healthy cereal in the multi-pack. (ABC)

No Tomorrow (“No Rest for the Weary”) – When Xavier gets a job at Cybermart, he inspires the warehouse employees to go on strike; Kareema decides to act on her feelings. (The CW)

The Letter (“Atlanta Belles”) – Four best friends from Atlanta write anonymous letters to one another in an effort to change their respective self-destructive habits. (Freeform)

9:30 PM ET

The Real O’Neals (“The Real Fit”) – Pat gets help building his “tiny house” from his brother Dwayne; Shannon tries to get Jodi and Dwayne back together; Eileen gets addicted to a CrossFit class she’s taking with Kenny. (ABC)

10:00 PM ET

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath [PREMIERE] (“Disconnection”) – Actress and ex-Scientologist Leah Remini meets with former Church of Scientology executive Amy Scobee, who shares her story of disconnection from her mother. (A&E)

Tosh.0 [SEASON FINALE] – Daniel celebrates the birth of Jesus; blocking annoying Twitter followers; a creamy treat for the viewers. (Comedy Central)

The Letter [SEASON FINALE] (“Friends Since Four”) – Four friends from a small Pennsylvania town shake up their quiet lives by following the constructive suggestions in the anonymous letters they sent to one another. (Freeform)

Aftermath (“Hieronymo’s Mad Againe”) – When a family member shows plague symptoms, the Copelands go on a desperate hunt to find tetracycline. (Syfy)

Kate Plus 8 [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Sextuplets Turn 12!”) – Kate creates a scavenger hunt for the sextuplets’ 12th birthday, and the boys and girls split into teams to find clues. (TLC)

Shooter (“Musa Qala”) – Bob Lee reaches out to Nadine while evading pursuers; Isaac juggles his double life while trying to locate Bob Lee. (USA Network)

11:00 PM ET

E! News – Entertainment news. (E!)


At Midnight With Chris Hardwick – An all-new episode of the late night comedy game show. (Comedy Central)


The Daily Show With Trevor Noah is joined by an all-new guest. (11:00 PM, Comedy Central)

Conan features Senator Bernie Sanders; comic Pete Holmes; Shovels & Rope performs. (11:00 PM, TBS)

Watch What Happens: Live welcomes Actress Kyra Sedgwick; actor Matthew Broderick. (11:00 PM, Bravo)

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has Actress Natalie Portman; director J.J. Abrams; Neil Diamond performs. (11:35 PM, NBC)

What, if anything, do you plan on watching on TV tonight? Sound off in the comments!

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