What’s On TV Tonight? – ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Premiere, ‘The Exorcist’ Premiere on Friday

Hell’s Kitchen returns for an all-new season alongside FOX’s The Exorcist! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the TV listings for Friday 09/23/2016:

8:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: Hell’s Kitchen [SEASON PREMIERE] (“When the Wall Comes Tumbling Down”) – Chef Ramsay welcomes the new season’s hopefuls at a U.S. Army training facility, where they face the Signature Dish Challenge; actors Nolan Gould and Erica Ash attend the dinner service. (FOX)

Last Man Standing [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Papa Bear”) – A bear wanders into the store when Kyle leaves the loading dock door open. (ABC)

MacGyver [SERIES PREMIERE] (“The Rising”) – Special agents for the Department of External Services, Angus “Mac” MacGyver and Jack Dalton, work to recover a missing bioweapon. (CBS)

Masters of Illusion (“A Loaf of Bread, A Magic Dollhouse, and Bound By Music”) – Featured magicians include Nathan Burton, Bill Cook, Titou, Tom Burgoon, Sittah, Erix Logan and Naathan Phan. (The CW)

8:30 PM ET

Girl Meets World (“Girl Meets She Don’t Like Me”) – Riley tries to make new friends in high school but everyone acts less friendly than she expects. (Disney Channel)

Dr. Ken [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Allison’s Career Move”) – A job opens up at Welltopia, and Pat thinks Allison would be the perfect candidate; Dave tries to help Molly hide her low SAT scores from their parents; Clark looks to Damona to help find out what Connor does for a living. (ABC)

9:00 PM ET

Hawaii Five-0 [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Makaukau ‘oe e Pa’ani?”) – The team hunts for a murderer who has been targeting serial killers, marking their corpses with an ivory chess piece. (CBS)

Shark Tank [SEASON PREMIERE] – Pro football player Antonio Brown touts personalized shoe slides; an app that can stop cyber-bullying messages; a beer dispenser that makes bottled and canned beer taste like draft; chicken soup business; update on an SAT prep course business. (ABC)

The Exorcist [SERIES PREMIERE] (“Chapter One: And Let My Cry Come Unto Thee”) – When Angela Rance suspects demonic possession at her home, she enlists help from two priests, the progressive Father Tomas Ortega, and a broken holy warrior, Father Marcus Keane. (FOX)

Dateline NBC [SEASON PREMIERE] – Investigative journalism. (NBC)

Bring It! [SEASON FINALE] – The season finale. (Lifetime)

Z Nation (“A New Mission”) – Warren and gang become prisoners; Murphy escapes the sub with his newly formed blends group. (Syfy)

10:00 PM ET

Blue Bloods [SEASON PREMIERE] (“The Greater Good”) – Robert Lewis obtains new evidence against Danny in the shooting case of Thomas Wilder; Jamie and Eddie respond to a drunken driving accident involving a public figure; a slain police officer’s wife asks Frank to keep her son out of the police force. (CBS)

20/20 – Investigative reporting. (ABC)

Quarry (“A Mouthful of Splinters”) – Mac turns to the Broker for help; Moses is on a new assignment. (Cinemax)

Real Time With Bill Maher [LIVE] – Acerbic comic Bill Maher welcomes a panel of three guests from diverse parts of the political spectrum for a lively discussion of current events. Also usually included as part of the show are a comedic monologue and an interview with a newsmaker or political figure. (HBO)

The Rap Game [SEASON FINALE] (“Finale Pt. 2”) – The rappers perform in front of a huge audience that includes Da Brat and the contestants from Season 1; Jermaine Dupri chooses the winner. (Lifetime)

Van Helsing [SERIES PREMIERE] (“Help Me”) – After spending years in a coma, Vanessa is thrust into a post-apocalyptic world ruled by vampires; Vanessa makes a discovery that could save humanity, but makes her a target for vampires. (Syfy)


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is joined by Actor Will Forte; actress Haley Bennett. (11:35 PM, NBC)

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert welcomes Musician Bruce Springsteen. (11:35 PM, CBS)

What's On TV Tonight? - 'Hell's Kitchen' Premiere, 'The Exorcist' Premiere on Friday

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