What’s On TV Tonight? – ‘Grimm’ Premiere, ‘Emerald City’ on Friday

Grimm is back for its sixth season alongside the premiere of the Wizard of Oz-themed series Emerald City! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the TV listings for Friday 01/06/2017:

8:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: Grimm [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Fugitive”) – After the massacre in Nick’s loft, Capt. Renard is determined to eliminate him once and for all; Monroe and Rosalee struggle over whether to stay in Portland; Eve suffers side effects from the stick’s healing power. (NBC)

Last Man Standing (“Three Sisters”) – Kristin steps in to help when Mike and Vanessa deny Eve’s request for financial help; an awkward encounter brings Kyle and Ed closer together; Mike and Vanessa come up with a plan to bring the girls together. (ABC)

MacGyver (“Screwdriver”) – MacGyver hunts a U.S. government mole who is leaking classified information to the organization trying to take down the Phoenix Foundation; Sarah comes back to help with the mission; Mac can’t tell which side Nikki is on. (CBS)

Rosewood (“Bacterium & the Brothers Panitch”) – When a hostage situation emerges at the East Miami Police Department, Rosewood, Villa and Slade become trapped inside; Rosewood must solve a medical mystery to keep his team alive. (FOX)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (“Who Is Josh’s Soup Fairy?”) – Rebecca accepts a chance to mend her relationship with Paula, which includes baby-sitting Tommy; Josh re-evaluates things. (The CW)

Gold Rush: Pay Dirt (“Game Over”) – With no paycheck for five weeks, Todd Hoffman’s close-knit team members turn on each other; Parker’s gamble to run his wash plant without protection from rocks proves costly; Tony builds a $10,000 mega-trailer to move his barge. (Discovery)

8:30 PM ET

Dr. Ken (“Ken’s New Intern”) – Allison starts feeling insecure when Ken’s attractive new intern begins flirting with him; Damona’s boyfriend, Eric, learns she had a musical past; after their first date, Molly wonders if Jae really likes her. (ABC)

9:00 PM ET

Emerald City [SERIES PREMIERE] (“The Beast Forever; Prison of the Abject”) – While searching for her mother, Dorothy is caught in the eye of a tornado and transported to a mystical world governed by a powerful ruler who faces the wrath of a cauldron of witches; Dorothy meets three friends while on a path to find her way home. (NBC)

Shark Tank – A line of dolls; cat companion products; an online shop for replacing men’s undergarments; a patriotic coffee business; a follow-up with Naushad Ali about his product called Drain Strain. (ABC)

Hawaii Five-0 (“Ka ‘aelike”) – When Chin is kidnapped by a Mexican cartel, Five-0 must rescue him before he is executed by the vengeful group; Grover goes under cover to investigate a murder, which turns out to be far more complex and dangerous than anticipated. (CBS)

Sleepy Hollow [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Columbia”) – Crane and Jenny navigate life after the unexpected death of Abbie Mills; Crane teams with an unlikely partner in his quest to find the next witness. (FOX)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (“When Do I Get to Spend Time With Josh?”) – When Darryl sells the law firm, the new boss causes panic with threats of layoffs; Rebecca goes to extreme measures to save everyone’s jobs. (The CW)

Gold Rush (“Abandonment”) – Todd Hoffman’s crew quits, and he desperately tries to keep mining with a skeleton team; Parker Schnabel carelessly breaks his truck’s air hoses while transporting his wash plant; Tony Beets finds his dredge blowing gold out of the sluices. (Discovery)

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars [SEASON PREMIERE] (“100 Questions and Counting”) – Reality TV’s most troubled couples arrive at Boot Camp with hefty baggage including a bachelorette and a mob wife; a surprise press conference sparks chaos when dirty laundry gets exposed; one partner storms off. (WE TV)

10:00 PM ET

Blue Bloods (“Genetics”) – Eddie and Jamie get involved in an adoption case between birth and adoptive parents and ask Erin to help settle the dispute; Frank investigates reports about NYPD cadets cheating on psychological exams; Jack plans to enlist in the Marines. (CBS)

Gold Rush (“Monster Machines”) – The washplants featured on Gold Rush have trapped more than $18 million worth of gold; a look at which monster machines have made and lost the most money. (Discovery)


The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is joined by TV host Charlie Rose; TV personality Jack Maxwell. (11:35 PM, CBS)

What's On TV Tonight? - 'Grimm' Premiere, 'Emerald City' on Friday

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