What Is The Actual Cost Of Owning A Tesla? (VIDEO)

What is the cost of owning a Tesla versus owning your average car?

YouTuber and self-described “Data Geek” Ben Sullins has offered his own perspective on the monthly cost of owning one of the most coveted cars in the world. And he speaks from experience! Across two separate videos, Ben first calculates the monthly cost of gas, mileage, and electric charges, while also factoring in gallons per month, and total miles driven. Ben then proceeds to offer a follow-up video that explores, in depth, how the cost analysis stands against similar cars to the Tesla Model S. He’s the first to admit his own bias, but I still think Ben does a pretty good providing a fair analysis of what the average consumer is likely to pay if he or she were to purchase a Tesla Model S. Granted, these aren’t concrete numbers for everybody, but it seems like a solid ballpark figure. I’m unlikely to ever own a Tesla, but as a bit of a data geek myself, I’m totally into these types of factual analyses. If you are as well, you can watch the video below:

What Is The Actual Cost Of Owning A Tesla? (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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