Weirdo Car Reviewer Decides To Give Lawn Mower A Whirl (VIDEO)

Regular Car Reviews is generally regarded as the weirdest automotive channel on YouTube, and with good reason: in between philosophical rants and automotive specs, Mr. Regular delivers jokes that could only come from the mind of a stone cold weirdo. But their annual holiday special is a bit more laid back, especially this year, as RCR decides to take a lawn mower for a whirl.

In this video, Mr. Regular rides around on a 1966 Cub Cadet Turbo Diesel, a lawn tractor with a swapped diesel engine which was then turbocharged. It’s an utterly insane piece of lawn equipment for its time. Hell, it’s a pretty crazy little thing to own now. But what does Mr. Regular think of it? It’s a pretty interesting review, and definitely worth a look while sipping egg nog on a lazy Christmas afternoon. Watch the video below:

Weirdo Car Reviewer Decides To Give Lawn Mower A Whirl (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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