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Watching 50 Days Of Kittens In 5 Minutes Has A Surprisingly Calming Effect (VIDEO)

Study after study have shown that viewing cat videos on the internet is good for your health. So there’s probably nothing more therapeutic than watching 50 days worth of newborn kittens in 5 minutes.

Olga Blue of YouTube shared this video a while back and it’s since been a rediscovered classic. Olga is a musician and her music can been downloaded on her Facebook – and I have to say the music really adds to this video a lot.

These kittens are very lucky to have Olga as their other mom. I love the moment when they’ve opened their eyes and start exploring the world around them. Just amazing to see.

These kittens are living life and simply happy to be with their family and alive. I wish we could all just get along and be happy!

Press play to watch the video below.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

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