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31 Things We Learned From ‘Bruce Jenner: The Interview’ (VIDEO)

“Bruce Jenner – The Interview” aired on ABC on Friday and these are what we learned about Bruce Jenner and his transition to a woman.

The two hour special is probably the best publicity the transgender community has had on mainstream TV. Bruce Jenner is hero now more than ever.

Diane Sawyer handled the interview very well, showing the issues of the transgender community in America and what we can do to be more tolerant of each other. I loved it.

Pronouns are an issue with the transgender community but Bruce said if there is ambiguity, just use the pronoun that you are used to. (So we’ll use “he” until Bruce says it isn’t OK anymore.)

What we learned:

  1. For all intents and purposes, Bruce Jenner is a woman. Here he is saying: “I am woman”:

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  3. Bruce Jenner is heterosexual, never been with another man. He’s not gay. Sexuality is different from gender.

  4. Started wearing his sister’s dresses at age 8.

  5. Started hormones for 5 years in the 80s. Had laser surgery to remove his beard.

  6. “I dream as a woman.”

  7. He dressed as a woman a long time ago. Men hit on him at Opryland Hotel.

  8. Bruce Jenner told all his three ex-wives that he dresses as a woman during the time when they were married.

  9. “I loved Kris. I thought we had a pretty good sex life. I learned a lot from her. If Kris Jenner had been a bit more understanding… we’d still be together.” It was tough on Kris.

  10. Two ex-wives showed support during the show, except Kris Jenner. However she tweeted this:

  11. Kris Jenner’s statement about Bruce (I guess making up for her miscalculation of not being part of the interview):

  12. On Keeping up with the Kardashianshe had the “story”. (The understatement of the year!)

  13. Bruce Jenner has “girl” parties.

  14. Bruce briefly contemplated suicide after paparazzi followed him for his adam’s apple shaving operation.

  15. The first child he told about being transgender was Brandon Jenner.

  16. “It finally made sense,” said one of his sons.

  17. “I will always be your dad.”

  18. Kim caught Bruce wearing a dress and the first of the Kardashians he told.

  19. Kendall and Kylie caught Bruce wearing a dress via security cam.

  20. “They all cried.”

  21. Khloe was taking it hard. Toughest time with it.

  22. Kim has been the most accepting. Kanye gave her advice and she had a breakthrough about his transition. Kanye said: “I’m nothing if I can’t be me. If I can’t be true to myself… they [wife/kid] don’t mean anything.”

  23. “I would like to think we can save some lives here.”

  24. Bruce Jenner is a Republican!

  25. WATCH- Bruce Jenner comes out as Republican (and Transgender)

  26. He could be a tomboy.

  27. He just likes blending in.

  28. On hormones for a year and a half.

  29. Not decided on getting a vajayjay. “SRS” is down the line. (It seems that he is not interested at the moment in the “having sex as a woman” part.)

  30. He wants: a free soul and have a lot of friends.

  31. Bruce is asexual (for now).

  32. Excited about doing some good in the world.

  33. Bruce Jenner had dinner with Diane Sawyer as “her”. No name revealed yet.

  34. Parting words to everyone: “When you think of me please be open-minded. Have an open mind and an open heart.”

See you Bruce in one year when you complete your transition! I am so proud!

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