Want a Tesla Model 3? Well, Here’s How Much It’s Going To Cost You

The details are finally in on the Tesla Model 3, the hotly-anticipated electric car. As it turns out, it’s a bit more affordable than you might expect.

Chief executive Elon Musk made the announcement today that the new Tesla Model 3 would retail for $35,000. The car will be available for preorder on March 31 in Tesla stores and on April 1 online with a $1,000 deposit. There’s no guarantee just yet of what this car is even going to look like (although that hasn’t stopped artists from doing renderings), but we do know that the car will deliver in late 2017.

Tesla is reportedly hoping that the Model 3 will be their accessible, entry-level money maker, since it’s far more affordable than the Model S or Model X. In keeping with the more affordable approach to the Model 3, Musk added that no “signature” version of the car would be released. The hope is that this will keep costs down and allow the Model 3 to remain affordable to your average consumer, while also helping to boost company profits at a time where sales figures aren’t where they should be, ideally. Consumers are still learning to accept the electric car, and Musk is banking on his creations to become more mainstream over the next couple years. Musk promised on Twitter that more details on the Tesla Model 3 would be revealed in the coming weeks. Until then, it’s time to start saving up!

Want a Tesla Model 3 Well, Here's How Much It's Going To Cost You

Credit: Tesla Motors

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