‘Walking Dead’ Star Emily Kinney Joins ‘The Flash’ As Bug-Eyed Bandit

Emily Kinney may have departed from The Walking Dead — well, save for a brief cameo in last night’s episode — but she’s remaining on our TV screens just the same.

Kinney is headed to The Flash in the role of the Bug-Eyed Bandit. The insect-controlling supervillain, who is a male named Bertram Larvan in the comics, will be gender-swapped to the character of Brie Larvan.

It’s unclear which episode Kinney will make her first appearance, although Arrow character Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh), also known as Atom, will guest star on ‘The Flash’ in episode 18, “All-Star Team-Up”. This is significant because the Bug-Eyed Bandit is primarily an Atom villain. The implication is that Atom might be stopping by to deal with a classic foe from the comic books.

Of course, that’s all just speculation at this point. Regardless, Kinney’s appearance should make for a fun episode. Although the gender-swapping is probably going to annoy some diehards, I quite like Kinney and think she could do a lot with the role if given the chance. Here’s hoping audiences give her a chance too.

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'Walking Dead' Star Emily Kinney Joins 'The Flash' As Bug-Eyed Bandit

Credit: AMC

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