Wade Barrett Reportedly Gives Notice, Will Leave WWE This Summer

I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. Well, for fans of King Barrett, anyway.

Wade “Bad News” Barrett has given his notice. The five-time Intercontinental champion will be leaving WWE when his contract is up this June. Reportedly, the departure is due to Barrett no longer enjoying what he’s doing. Considering he’s been floundering since winning the King of the Ring tournament last spring, this isn’t a surprise. Since the name change to King Barrett, he’s wandered from aimless feuds with R-Truth, to go-nowhere angles as part of the League of Nations. On the one hand, it never helped his cause that he was frequently injured with constant shoulder problems, leaving him off the roster for months at a time. But even when he was at his healthiest, it never felt like Barrett was used to his full potential. You could argue WWE ought to have put the title on him at Survivor Series 2010, when he was at his hottest. But the moment passed, unfortunately. Barrett has always been money on the mic, and he’s a perfectly fine wrestler, so I never understood why WWE had such a hard time getting the most out of him, outside of random Intercontinental title reigns.

Either way, Barrett is opting not to address his departure directly, although he promises to do so at a later date. But the fact that he’s changed the display name on his Twitter to his birth name of Stu Bennett pretty much confirms he’s on his way out:

Wade Barrett Gives Notice, Will Leave WWE This Summer

Credit: WWE

I’ll be sad to see Barrett go, but he has had a far more successful run than many from his era. We wish him the best on whatever he does next.

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