Vince McMahon Uncensored F-Bomb Caught on WWE Raw (VIDEO)

Shane McMahon returned to WWE in a dramatic opening segment on Monday Night Raw, and it appears the excitement of the moment caused Vince to forget himself.

After Vince put Shane in a match at Wrestlemania against The Undertaker for control of Raw, he vowed that Shane would get a "f***ing beating". However, due to WWE's seven-second delay, the production team was able to censor the swear word in time. Still, this didn't stop one YouTuber from capturing the uncensored F-bomb. Naturally, this is a terrible time for Vince to make a slip-up like this since 1) he recently fired Brad Maddox for using the word "pricks" at a house show, and 2) he just suspended Titus O'Neil for code of conduct violations on live TV -- and all O'Neil did was grab Vince by the arm. Granted, neither incident is acceptable, but some are already saying Vince should at least catch a fine over this. But I suppose when you're the boss, you can do whatever the hell you want. Then again, he does have shareholders to answer to, so I guess we'll see if this becomes a bigger situation than it is. Until then, watch the uncensored clip below (it loops over and over again, for some reason. But then, that only makes it more surreal, I guess).

Vince McMahon Uncensored F-Bomb Caught on WWE Raw (VIDEO)
Credit: WWE

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