Vince McMahon Reportedly Furious Over Brock Lesnar RAW Segment

Last night on RAW, the feud between Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg continued to build as Lesnar and Paul Heyman appeared to address Goldberg’s promo from last week. However, the segment didn’t go according to plan, and the result left Vince McMahon absolutely furious backstage.

According to Bryan Alvarez on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Vince “blew a gasket” over the crowd reaction to the segment, as the fans cheered Lesnar and chanted “Goldberg sucks”, despite Goldberg being the babyface of the storyline.

Vince was so livid, in fact, that he had the segment cut off early. The segment was originally intended to last longer, but Vince had production cue up Lesnar’s music, essentially axing the segment “right in the middle of it.”

Vince McMahon Reportedly Furious Over Brock Lesnar RAW Segment

Source: YouTube

Of course, you’d think Vince would have anticipated the response, considering Lesnar is a Minnesota native. There was simply no way Lesnar was going to be booed in his hometown, and it’s unlikely he’ll be booed in Toronto at Survivor Series. Even if the city didn’t have a history of cheering heels and booing faces, Lesnar currently resides in Canada, and claims dual-citizenship, and was even announced as hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan for his fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200. To make matters more difficult for Goldberg, he was the man responsible for retiring Bret “The Hitman” Hart, perhaps the most popular pro wrestler in the history of Canada. Granted, it was an accident due to a mistimed superkick, and not even Hart holds a grudge about it. But it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that many fans do. I mean, Canadian fans chanted “You Screwed Bret” at Shawn Michaels and Earl Hebner for upwards of a decade after the Montreal Screwjob.

Basically, Vince is going to have to get used to the notion that fans are going to have minds of their own and boo who they want to boo, especially where Lesnar vs. Goldberg is concerned. After all, it’s not exactly like the crowd was anything but hostile towards this match the first time they ran it way the hell back at Wrestlemania XX, twelve years ago. And the reason for the backlash then holds true today: it’s unlikely either man is going to be around the night after Survivor Series, so while we could end up with a pro-Lesnar crowd, we could also just as easily wind up with a crowd that just turns on the match and both competitors altogether — except this time without a Steve Austin playing special referee to give the audience a payoff at the end. Needless to say, this could get ugly, and Vince might not have enough gaskets to blow before it’s all said and done.

But what do you think will happen at Survivor Series? How will the Toronto crowd react? Was WWE smart to run this match, or would you have rather seen Goldberg and Lesnar face different opponents? Sound off in the comments!

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