Vince McMahon Reportedly Changed ‘Hell In A Cell’ Finish At Last Minute

Last night, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks became the first two women in WWE history to main event a pay-per-view. However, the finish to their women’s title match was considerably different prior to the show.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Charlotte defeating Sasha in her hometown to win the women’s championship wasn’t the original finish. The original plan, as of the afternoon of the show, was for Sasha to retain the title. Although there is a reason for the change, Meltzer isn’t sure what that reason is. One of the working theories is that they’re deciding to pull the trigger on the Charlotte vs. Bayley program earlier than planned. Figure Four Online’s Bryan Alvarez, however, believes WWE is planning on turning Sasha heel.

Vince McMahon Reportedly Changed 'Hell In A Cell' Finish At Last Minute


Honestly, when Charlotte won, my first thought was that Sasha was injured and/or taking time off again, because the finish just didn’t make sense to me otherwise. I’m just not sure what the company even does with Sasha now, outside of turning her heel, or just continuing this Charlotte feud indefinitely. But I really do feel like it’s time to move on from this program, even though I also kind of feel like it’s a bit early to do the Bayley championship chase. With that said, I would expect this to be a longer chase for the title than Sasha’s original chase, if only because we have Survivor Series in a few weeks, and the Raw women vs. Smackdowm women match means we probably aren’t getting any title matches on the show. Of course, they could just do a Bayley vs. Charlotte title match on Raw, like they’ve done for the two times Sasha won the belt. I guess we’ll find out what the plan is soon enough. But for now, it’s looking like Sasha is dropping out of the championship picture sooner rather than later.

But what do you think about the decision to change the original Hell In a Cell finish? Sound off in the comments!

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