Vince McMahon On Possibly Selling WWE: ‘We’re Open For Business’

WWE recently held its third quarter earnings call, and during the call, Vince McMahon become pretty candid about the possibly of selling WWE one day.

Basically, Vince stated that while he is uncertain how much control his family would stand to lose if they were bought out or absorbed by a larger company, they are open to any offers because, as Vince put it, they’re business people. Of course, it’d take an astronomical offer to get the McMahons to sell, but Vince made a point of noting “we’re open for business” with regards to hearing any offers. With that said, Vince was also clear about how the company is focused on doing their own thing and further building their content.

Vince McMahon On Possibly Selling WWE: 'We're Open For Business'

Source: YouTube

I can’t imagine a scenario in which Vince McMahon would ever sell WWE, but I feel he had to give an answer like this in order to appease shareholders. Realistically, Vince is such a workaholic that it’s unimaginable that he would ever want to be bought out of the company. Even a sale that allows Vince to remain in charge seems like a longshot. That said, I doubt it’s really going to be an issue either way, since the amount of money it would take to get Vince to even consider selling would probably be some insane UFC number. But like “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase always said, everybody has a price.

But what do you think about Vince McMahon possibly selling WWE? Could some other owner run WWE better? Or are the McMahons the only ones who can do it? Sound off in the comments!

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